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Refill Website Template (Filling Station) & ndash; This is the virtual face of the company. Especially, if the gas station is a whole network under one brand. Therefore, the creation of a refueling site should be top-notch in order to achieve the highest customer growth.
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    What is a gas station website template

    To achieve this result, you need to understand that beauty alone will not be enough. The following points are equally important here:

    • The beauty;
    • Cross-browser compatibility (the same display in popular browsers);
    • Adaptability to the screen sizes of modern gadgets;
    • Protection of information.

    But, unfortunately, one person is not able to perform such work at the highest level in the near future, and ordering the creation of a gas station website in a web studio will be too costly for new companies. Yes, and the creation time may drag on for weeks or months.

    How to save both time and money, but not get caught by scammers

    To do this, you just need to purchase a ready-made template for the necessary CMS on our SMinion-Studio portal, pull its engine and the site is ready to go.

    Among the presented selection of designs you can choose your favorite layout and view in a demo version how your site will look. And additional functionality will “add a twist” to the design and, together with company information, logo and other materials, will make the web portal profitable.

    Create your own sites with SMinion templates and announce to everyone about your business!

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