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Professional website creation «Computers» bears fruit to the owner in the form of dividends, and «careless» - only losses. About website creation «All about computer» Today every lover of this technology thinks about it. But only some succeed. This is due to the fact that they did not approach the project very seriously. Often the problem lies in computer website templates, and more precisely in their unsatisfactory quality.
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    Extra design elements, poor readability and style constantly prevent the project from achieving the desired results. If 10 years ago, few people paid attention to this, today these are the main rules in developing a website template about computers or other topics.

    Which computer site template is "correct"

    In addition to the above, you should never forget about today's technological society. Every day, more mobile gadgets such as smartphones, tablets and smart watches are crowding out their older brothers - personal computers. These mobile devices almost always accompany their owners, and their Internet connection and browsers are no longer news at all. According to the latest statistics, more than half of Internet users work on the World Wide Web from tablets or smartphones.

    In order not to lose visitors from these devices, you should take care of the correct display of all design elements in each browser and screen sizes. Also, to distinguish a company from competitors and show strong qualities, it is worth creating a website about computers where customers will leave feedback about the company. After all, positive feedback will strengthen the company's reputation and increase the number of new customers.

    Why choose SMinion designs to create the All About Computer website

    The SMinion portal was created primarily to help owners of Internet resources find truly professional designs, it doesn’t matter simple html templates for Computers or laptop repair templates for engines. And to achieve this, we have assembled a team of experienced programmers, designers, marketers and other necessary specialists.

    As a result, our catalog contains over 4000 designs on various topics and platforms. Now everyone is able to choose their own computer templates for Wordpress, Joomla, Opencart and even individual landing pages. Yes, downloading the “Computers” website template on free resources is not a problem for anyone, but then do not be surprised when you get a virus design or a template that doesn’t work at all. With our designs, everything is exactly the opposite. You will by no means get a design with a “bad” code or a security breach, and a pleasant pricing policy will not disregard even a “picky” webmaster.

    Also, regardless of whether you need wordpress templates for computer repair or simple joomla "Computer" templates for a personal Internet blog, along with the design you will get rich functionality:

    • Gallery;
    • Blog
    • Background video
    • Parallax;
    • Portfolio
    • Online chat and more.

    Each site layout is designed with optimized program code that allows the web resource to work stably even under high loads. In addition, you can first view ready-made website templates in the demo version, which will allow you to get a detailed idea of ​​the capabilities of the future site. And the functionality will highlight the site among competitors and will attract even more users. All that remains is to “fasten” the template you like to the CMS and fill the site with content.

    Create your best Internet projects with designs from the SMinion portal and make them prosper!