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Website template for design studio constantly plays an important role in the life of the company. This is understandable, because how much creative design is made for an Internet resource, such is the professionalism and creativity of the studio team.
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    But fashion design alone is not enough to do business on the World Wide Web. The site design template should be equally liked by both users and search engines. Only with their help it is possible to achieve popularity on the Internet and therefore it is always worthwhile to quickly respond to their comments and recommendations.

    What should be the site template of the designer

    Creating a website design is a serious matter, therefore, when developing, you should follow these generally accepted rules:

    Simplicity - this means not a simple design, but the ease of use of the site. The site should not have extra elements and functions. Everything should be clear to every user who has switched to the Internet portal.
    Friendliness - a portal with its appearance should not cause negative emotions among users, but was created primarily for them and not search robots. The latter will appreciate your efforts if the site will benefit Internet users. The design task is to inspire confidence in the company and this should be strived for already at the planning stage.
    Cross-browser compatibility - the same display in every browser - is the initial task of each layout designer. The number of clients that a site is able to bring from a particular web browser depends on this.
    Adaptability - the portal should be equally displayed on every screen of modern gadgets: from small smartphones to widescreen monitors and TVs.
    These are just a few of the rules, but following these 4 points to develop and create a web-design of a site that will appeal to every user is not a problem.

    Where to order the development of web-site design

    Today, many people are engaged in creating a website for designers: from single developers to web and design studios. Of course, each artist has its pros and cons.

    Website development by design studios is more focused on colorfulness and style, web studios - on functionality. But they have a mutual denominator - the expensive cost of their services. Although single masters work cheaper, the quality of work is correspondingly lower. Also on the Internet there are lessons on creating a site, which tells how to make a website design, but, unfortunately, this takes a lot of time and practice.

    There is another option - buy a ready-made professional web design for the site. Creating a website for ready-made web design for each webmaster will greatly reduce the time spent on the project.

    Why choose our web design options?

    The SMinion portal presents to each client over 600 templates for design sites. All designs are designed by professional designers and web developers, taking into account trends and rules. Each individual design is developed on the basis of modern technologies with the most “clean” code, which increases the level of security of the future website and the efficiency of work.

    Before buying, examples of website designs in demo versions are constantly available for viewing, where you can see how the future portal with this or that functionality will look like.

    Our catalog contains photographer wordpress-template designs, joomla, opencart, html + javascript design templates and even for individual landing pages. There is no need to order more complete website development in the design studio, it will be enough to “pull” the template onto the engine, fill the portal with interesting content and the site is ready to go.

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