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Despite the rapid development of modern gadgets, libraries, as before, remain popular among paper book lovers. And to remain a popular institution for people of all ages, each library needs to create its own website.
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    Creating a library site - a new way to attract readers

    Most libraries cannot afford to create a website with a well thought out design, so the SMinion portal has specially selected library site templates for you at an affordable price.

    As you know, over 35% of visitors leave a site with a bad and not thought out design. So why lose new visitors, create a professional website and soon your portal will attract new readers.

    Why it is worth choosing library site templates from "SMinion"

    What we guarantee to our customers:

    • Constant work of the site under heavy loads, because often on the created sites of electronic libraries there is a strong load on the server;
    • Information security - our programmers create templates with the most “clean” code, which minimizes the number of threats;
    • Cross-browser compatibility and adaptability.
    • Functionality.

    Among the presented selection of templates, everyone can choose a ready-made template "to their liking." You just have to post detailed information about the library, assortment of books, conditions of subscription and more.