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The correct cafe website template is able to show the customer the atmosphere of goodwill and coziness of the place. & Nbsp; Today we live in a time when everyone uses the Internet and searches for cafes and restaurants. Cafe sites are created for the same purpose as for other business ideas.
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    Just imagine the situation, today you have a “big” date in your life and you completely forgot to book a table in a cafe behind a busy vanity and there is no way to get out of work. You have two options: go after work at the cafe and order (if there are free tables) a place or go to the cafe’s personal website and make a reservation. In the latter case, you only need at your fingertips a mobile phone or PC with Internet access connected.

    Users often go to cafe sites for different purposes: to order food delivered to a place, see photos from a cafe to evaluate a place or make a reservation.

    Ready-made cafe site template on the SMinion portal

    Before creating a site, cafe owners always carefully select a design so that it is competitive. Today, sites with unique designs enjoy privileges, and this is understandable, because if you make a site similar to your competitors, you will only harm yourself. The user will not be "interested" to look at a copy of another web portal and, as a result, lose the client.

    Therefore, to prevent this from happening, we have created original website templates for you based on Wordpress, Joomla, Opencart and other CMS.

    What designs to create a cafe website we offer our customers

    Firstly, the designs in our catalog were developed by professional web developers and tested on various platforms. Secondly, each template is adapted for all devices: smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC. Thirdly, reasonable prices for web designs. It doesn’t matter if you need cafe templates on Wordpress or HTML cafe templates, here you will get what you are looking for. In addition to the beautiful design when buying a template, you will also receive the necessary functionality:

    • Blog
    • Gallery;
    • Templates for single-page;
    • Parallax;
    • Background video
    • Bootstrap design;
    • HTML + JS;
    • Simple control panel (admin panel);
    • Online chat and more.

    With our “premium” designs, you can create original ideas for a coffee shop, cafe bar, or create your own blog with tips on how to create or manage a cafe. In addition, you do not need to specifically learn programming code, all of our templates are ready to use. Choose the desired engine, “pull” a suitable design on it, fill the site with information and pictures, and the portal is ready.